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A thermos allows you to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, even when you need to do it for hours on end! A thermos is the perfect item when you take coffee to work, bring a cold drink for lunch or bring a beverage along for a sporting event.  If you need a way to retain the temperature of your beverage for an extended period of time, a thermos is your answer!

Our inventory of thermoses here on The Pressure Cooker Shop is extensive. We have a wide variety of styles and designs. If you’re looking for a new thermos for one of your children, our Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana or Toy Story inspired thermoses should suffice. We also have a large selection of thermoses for adults that are looking for something functional and good looking as well. Below, you will find several stainless steel, aluminum, black and white thermoses.

At The Pressure Cooker Shop, we try to incorporate several price different ranges with our products as well. Among our thermoses, you can find high-end products that are designed to keep your beverages at adequate temperature for up to 12 hours! No matter where you are taking your thermos, this should be plenty of time so that you can enjoy the beverage before the temperature begins to change. We also carry more affordable thermoses that are designed for short-term temperature control. These thermoses should provide about 5-6 hours of temperature control.

Thermoses are excellent products for beverages that require just the right temperature. Coffee is one of the most commonly used types of beverage for a thermos. We often take coffee with us out of the house so that we can enjoy it while on the go. Without a thermos, your coffee would probably be cold by the time you arrive at work. Thermoses are also great for cold items like pop. You can easily throw in a few ice cubes with your drink and that ice will remain solid for many hours.

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