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Slow Cookers

Slow cookers are similar to our other categories of pressure cookers, except that they are designed to cook food slowly. Slow cookers are electric, as these types of pressure cookers allow you to control the pressure and temperature that your food is cooked at. This will not only allow you to cook food slower, it will make the food taste better and retain its healthy properties as well.

When we cook foods with traditional cooking methods like boiling, steaming or frying, a lot of the vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat are instantly cooked way. Pressure cookers allow you to retain the healthy properties of food. Electric pressure cookers like slow cookers do not allow air or liquid to escape from the cooking environment, which keeps these natural and healthy properties intact.

Have you ever heard before that “slow and low is the way to go?” Food experts often say that when you cook food slower and on a lower temperature, the food tastes much better. Chefs use this when cooking food for their restaurants and it’s important to follow this strategy at home as well. Slow cookers allow you to do exactly that, without having to attend to your food every five minutes! Instead, you simple set the pressure, set the temperature and then let the food cook away while you attend to other things.

Slow cookers also have timers so that you won’t forget to turn the machine off and have your food cooked down to nothing. This can be very beneficial when you are cooking foods for long periods of time, such as one hour, four hours or even as much as ten hours. Slow and low is the way to go and sometimes you have to spend many hours on the cooking process in order to accomplish this.

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