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Pressure Cooker Accessories

Anyone who owns a pressure cooker should own an accessory or two for their pot. Pressure cooker accessories let you maximize the use of your pressure cooker and can make things even a little more convenient. Here at our site, The Pressure Cooker Shop, we carry a large assortment of pressure cooker accessories including; canning racks, measuring cup kit, trivet, insert sets and more! Look through our available items below and choose the right accessory for your pressure cooker today!

Since there are many accessories for pressure cookers found in the market, you might get confused with all the choices. Do not worry though because you do not have to be every single accessory. What you need to do is to buy only those accessories that you really need and are suitable for your cooking style.

Here are some of the accessories that you need to have:

1. Timer

This will help you monitor the amount of time spent inside the pressure cooker. The timer will help prevent overcooking especially when you are cooking dishes with vegetables.

2. Steamer basket

Lets you utilize the steam inside the pressure cooker. The steam basket will keep vegetables and other food items above water, allowing steam to cook it thoroughly.

3. Dishes

You can use these dishes to make desserts. There are different types of pressure cooker dishes available. Choose the one that you need or the one that is suitable for your cooking style.

4. Heat diffuser

This will prevent direct contact between the heat source and the bottom part of the cooker. This is ideal when you are cooking rice and pasta.


When buying pressure cooker accessories always consider its use, do not buy accessories that you do not need because this will only crowd your kitchen cabinets.

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