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Food Containers

For thousands of years, people have stored their foods in jars or containers and placed them in cellars. The cellar is an ideal place for storing your food because it is dry, cool and dark. Heat and light will either damage your food or shorten its lifespan. For many of us a cellar is not an option and we have to improvise with cabinets, pantry or the basements.

If you want your food to be fresh and safe, make sure to buy containers that are airtight. There are plenty of brands like Rubbermaid and GladWare that offer this and come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes for easy storage and are convenient space savers. It is best to store your food in smaller containers because each time you expose the container to air, you are shortening its lifespan. Also, it is also helpful and convenient to label your containers so that you know what it is and won’t be running around opening each container before you find what you need.

If you are worried about your food leaving a stain in your plastic food containers then rub the container with some vegetable oil and you will have less mess to clean. If you are worried about bugs taking over your containers, place a few bay leaves to your containers and you won’t have many problems. Another helpful way of keeping bugs away is freezing your food for a few days below zero degrees and then storing your food away. Remember to keep your food up to date and use it before its expiration date so don’t forget to add that date as well on the container.

One thing to consider when purchasing plastic containers is to make sure they are microwaveable. Some studies have shown that using the wrong type of container when heating can transform harmful chemicals to your dish. Best way to go is to choose glass, microwavable plastic containers or white paper plates when heating your food in the microwave. One very important thing to remember is to never use Styrofoam or your Chinese take-out containers for reheating your food!

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